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Albanian Institute New York – Retrospective

Project Info

Retrospective view of the different films done for the Albanian Institute in London and New York


Albaninan Institute

 The institute focuses on presenting emerging artists, promoting artistic excellence, providing a forum for cultural dialogue and strengthening intercultural relations.


New York, USA

The Institute is based In New York City, but it operates in other cities from all over the world like London or Berlin.


3 years

This is a retrospective video made out of 3 years of collaboration, from 2015 to 2018

Imagine what's possible

Dreamers, storytellers, dancers and visionaries – they all inspire us to a greater purpose. The arts appeal to a certain yearning shared by all of us, a yearning for truth and for beauty, for connection to one another.


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Our duties

  • Recorded sound and still images of institutional events and film screenings.
  • Interviewed artists and events attendants both in english and spanish.
  • Executed still image and video simultaneous coberture.

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